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Just as your home has an unique location address that leads people to you, your computer or whatever is your machine that is using internet have also an address called IP ( Internet Protocol ) which helps other devices to locate and determine yours within the international internet network. So whenever someone would send you something via the internet, he needs first to locate your device, and that is the main role of the IP address , thereafter his device can communicate with yours (chatting, sharing data, etc.), if you are using a router/Wi-Fi then your machine (PC, Smart TV, etc.) has two Internet Protocols (a Public IP address which is shown above and a Local one), the Public IP address is often your router's IP address and it is your IP in the wide area network (WAN), the local IP address is your IP in the local area network (LAN) and it is given by your router which enables it to distribute the internet traffic fairly between the connected devices, and both of those two Internet Protocols can be either Static or Dynamic, the Static IP is the IP address that never changes whereas the Dynamic IP is the IP address that can always be changed.

Public IP address (External IP address)

Without The Public IP address you will not be able to access our website because the web server where our website is hosted doesn't know where to send the data (The content of our website like the text you are reading now), so and as we have already mentioned your Public IP is your address in the WAN, it is provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) which will provide you with the internet through it, it is accessible by anyone on the internet since you are not hiding it by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or a proxy. By the way your Public IP address can be more than what you might think, it is not just a serie of numbers that has no meaning but it can reveal alot about you, as your ISP, Country, Latitude/Longitude, City, Hostname, Postal Code, and more. an Public IP is made-up of 4 numbers, each number can be in the range 0-255. This IP can be divided as follows:

Private IP address (Local or internal IP address)

The Private IP address is your identification number in the LAN. This IP usually has the form '192.168.C.D' or 172.16.C.D or 10.0.C.D, but the first one is the most prevalent, 'C' digit varies depending on your router while 'D' varies depending on the device that is using this router (router always has 1). You can get your Private IP address following these steps:

Or you may connect to your router's dashboard where you can get the Private IP address of all connected devices.

Static or Dynamic IP address

As we said, your Public and Private IP address can be either Static or Dynamic , the Static IP is the IP address that never changes while the Dynamic IP can always get changed, but you may ask which one do i need?, e.g. if you are running a website on a web server then you have to use a Static IP address so your visitors can always get back to your website using the same IP address (the same domain name). Generally the Static IP address is good for Internet servers, but if you are a simple user that only uses Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc., then a Dynamic IP address will be your best choice, which ensures a greater safety.

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What Is My IP Address? - The IP Address Revealer , is where you can find your device's Public IP address easily and directly from your browser without the need of any program or app, This IP can be required for many purposes, e.g., tech support, online gaming, web server configuration, etc.